April 27th, 2020

Hope all our incredible PayBud members had a nice weekend and enjoyed some beautiful spring weather.  Maybe a bike ride, hike, or long walk.  Something other than staying inside.  We have all had plenty of that lately.

Ok, here is your weekly report as to what is new and happening this week.  We will try and do this for you every Monday to keep you up to speed on new developments in the world of PayBud.

1.  We just loaded a new survey into your PayBud account.  The survey is just one simple question and you can earn 50-150 points just for taking it.   Login to your account profile or click on the image below to take the new Survey.

Due to all the craziness and being very short staffed over the last two months, we fell behind on issuing our birthday rewards.  Sorry about that.  We’ll do better going forward.   If you have a birthday coming up in the next week, be on the lookout for your special birthday email and gift.

In addition to birthday rewards, PayBud Cares has offered to include one of their new Diamond Certificates as part of the              birthday reward package for any member that wants one.  (Details will be provided in the birthday email).

3.  Be sure to check out our current and upcoming PayBud Promo contests.  This week you have the chance to win a $20 Amazon card just by playing our Match Game.  For complete details, email promos@paybud.com

4.  Finally, just a quick shoutout to all the PayBud Ambassadors that worked so hard last week to help take care of our members after the server issues.  We appreciate all their hard work each and every day to help make the PayBud Community a better place.

Have a great week ahead and be on the lookout for a “flash” PayBud Promo that might spring up later this week.  You don’t want to miss this one.

April 13th, 2020

Hope all our amazing members enjoyed a nice holiday weekend (all things considered of course).  

Here are some highlights of what is happening this week.

1.  We just concluded two PayBud Promo contests in the last few days.  Both were a huge success and a lot of fun.  One of them was an Easter Egg contest on our Facebook page.  We had some amazing entries.  Definitely have a look if you have not seen some of them.

2.  Our next PayBud Promo contest is going on now and will continue until the end of the week.  It is not too late for you to participate.  All you need to do is play the Spin Game 20+ times each day.  Prizes include Platinum memberships and CA$H.   

For complete details on this contest, please send us an email, a Facebook message, or join our Official Facebook Group to learn more.  Go to:

3.  We hope to release new app & website updates later this week.  We will let you know when the latest versions are available for download and use. 

The new releases will include a unique twist to the Trivia game, some fun new Match images as well as a few other features.

Have a great week ahead.

Stay Safe.  Stay Healthy.


TODAY'S CODE:   EASTERMONDAY  (worth 100+ points today) (only 50,000 codes available)